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Thank you very much to all who have invested.  We are hoping to be able to provide some exciting news very soon!  

For those who wish to contribute to the initiative without purchasing a share we are now open for donations.

Please click on the button below to donate.

Menter yr Eagles

Our Share Offer


To retain and develop the Eagles as a social and economic hub for Llanuwchllyn and the area – a hub that directly contributes to the viability and growth of the community today and provides hope and opportunities for the future.


  • To purchase and develop the Eagles as a community pub, restaurant and shop for the benefit of the whole area.
  • To ensure the continuity, development and sustainable growth of the business in accordance with the aims of the community.
  • To ensure that the Welsh language is at the core of every service offered.
  • To ensure that any profits are reinvested in the community and that the project is therefore a proactive and ambitious vehicle to drive the community’s growth and interests into the future.
  • To ensure that this enterprise is of the community and acts for and on behalf of the community.
  • To promote and prioritise the use of local resources, services and produce.


  • You’ll become a member of the Community Benefit Society (CBS).
  • You’ll have a vote on how resources and services are used and developed, and it is hoped that you will in due course receive a reasonable interest on your investment.
  • You’ll be part of an enterprise designed to drive the growth and interests of your community now and in the future.

Please join us!

Closing date for buying shares:

Sunday, 17 September 2023

Please join us!

Closing date for buying shares:

Sunday, 17 September 2023


Fill in the form below. Shares cost £1 each and are bought in blocks of 500. Shares may be purchased jointly but each membership has one vote. Companies, societies and businesses are welcome to invest collectively.

Investment Form