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What is a community pub?

Put simply, a pub which is owned by the community and works for the benefit of that community. Since the first community pub was established in Britain in 1982, the model has become increasingly popular, and there are many examples here in Wales.

What is a Community Benefit Society (‘CBS’)?

A CBS is a type of legal organisation that’s registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The profit generated by a CBS is reinvested for the benefit of the whole community, not just the members. It is a popular model that has been adopted by many community pubs.

What are the advantages of a CBS over other models?

Besides the obvious advantages of reinvesting any profit in the local community, a CBS is an appealing model in terms of attracting substantial public funds in order to rejuvenate the community. In addition, the ‘one member, one vote’ principle is crucial to ensure fairness for all members.

What is the campaign’s financial target? How will you reach that target?

Our aim is to raise £450,000 in order to secure the building and the business and have some capital in reserve. The money will be raised through selling shares, and it’s possible that we will be able to attract grants to help us reach the target.

Is the venture likely to succeed?

Everyone knows that this is a particularly challenging time for pubs across the country. But here’s a striking fact: almost 100% of the community pubs established in Britain during the last 20 years are still trading. We have prepared a careful business plan which clearly shows that the business, despite all the challenges, is very viable.

How do you intend to run the Eagles?

After securing the business and the building, our aim is to appoint a tenant or manager to run the business from day to day.

Will I be expected to volunteer if I buy shares?

No. Contrary to some community pubs, our aim as a venture is not to rely on volunteers.

How do I buy shares?

Through filling in the investment form which is available on our website and has been distributed locally. Copies are also available at Plas Moduron, Bro Aran and the Eagles. If you would like a hard copy, please contact

How much does a single share cost?

The price of a share is £1, and they are sold in blocks of £500; i.e. the minimum investment is £500. If you wish to buy more than 25,000 shares, please contact in advance.

Can I buy shares jointly with someone else?

Yes. It’s worth remembering, however, that you will only have one vote in the AGM.

How do I pay for shares?

You can pay either by bank transfer or cheque.

Bank details:

Menter Gymunedol Llanuwchllyn Cyfyngedig

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account number: 67299676

Please use the first line of your address as reference.

Cheques should be made payable to

‘Menter Gymunedol Llanuwchllyn Cyf.’

and sent to


Menter yr Eagles, 

PO Box 208, 

Y Bala, 

LL23 9AF.

Can I give shares as a gift?

Yes, and we’re sure they’d make great gifts! In order to do this, please put the name and address of the recipient on the form.

Can I buy shares for a child?

Yes, by filling in the appropriate parts of the investment form. Please remember, however, that children will not be full members and will not be able to vote in our AGM until they are 18 years of age, but they will nevertheless receive interest on their share like everyone else.

Can I buy shares as a business, company or institution?

Yes: please put the full name of the business, company or institution in the ‘Full name’ field on the form.

Is the share offer for locals only?

The share offer is open to all who support and agree with the aims and principles of the venture. The Eagles Inn is one of Wales’s best-known pubs and we therefore hope to attract investment from all corners of the globe!

When does the share offer close?

The current share offer comes to an end at 23:59 on Sunday, 10 September 2023.

How will I know that you’ve received my investment form?

After filling in and returning the form, you will receive an e-mail or letter with details of your investment. If there are any doubts, please contact Share certificates will be sent to all shareholders in due course.

Can I have a paper copy of the share offer and business plan?

Yes – please contact 

Will I receive interest on my investment?

After 3 whole years of trading, if the business is successful, our intention is to pay reasonable interest on every investment. In accordance with CBS rules, any profit will be reinvested for the benefit of the community.

Can I withdraw my investment?

An application to withdraw your investment can be made after 3 years of membership. For more details, please see the Society Rules.

What will happen to my investment when I die?

Your shares will form part of your estate and they may be transferred according to the conditions of your will.

Can I sell or transfer my shares to someone else?

Only the Society can buy back your shares, in accordance with the withdrawal guidelines (see Society Rules).

What happens if not enough money is raised?

If we fail to sell enough shares or receive public funding to secure the Eagles, the members will receive their money back in full.

What happens should the business fails?

If the business fails in such a way as to mean having to draw the Society to an end, the Society will place its assets for sale and the capital (after paying any debts) will be distributed between the members (up to the value of their initial investment). Any surplus will be transferred, in accordance with the members’ wishes, to another not-for-profit enterprise with similar community aims.

When will the Eagles open as a community pub?

Our aim is to have completed the purchase by the autumn of 2023 and to proceed with as little disruption as possible.

Can I join the committee?

In the first AGM, to be held in 2024, the current members of the committee will either stand for re-election or resign. There will be an opportunity for you then to put forward your name for the committee.

If you have any further questions not answered here, please feel free to contact: